7-9 Middle School

Offering Year 7-9 Secondary Education in our brand-new purpose-built building

From January 2022 we will offer education for students in Reception to Year 8, with Year 9 being offered from 2023.

Our Year 7 - 9 program will offer:

  • A learning program that caters for the holistic education of each young adolescent; spiritual, social and emotional, academic and physical
  • A safe and nurturing environment to empower every child to develop their wellbeing
  • A high-quality learning program that will support your child to be a successful learner
  • Partnerships with families that underpin quality support and assistance for each child
  • Engagement of your child in their education, enabled by us knowing your child and personalising their education
  • Support to develop the skills and knowledge required for success in Year 10 and beyond
  • A new purpose-built building that caters for the Year 7-9 curriculum, with new ICT resources and custom spaces and resources for Science, Technology and Food Technology.

We look forward to providing a personalised, engaging Year 7-9 experience for your child.

Enrolment Information

Click here for enrolment enquiries or to make an appointment to enrol your Child in our Middle School for 2022 and 2023.

7-9 Middle School Building Updates

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Proudly expanding to Reception-Year 9 in 2022

St Mary MacKillop School is proudly expanding to Reception to Year 8 in 2022 and Year 9 in 2023.

Click on the video link below to hear the exciting announcement from Nichii Mardon, Director of Catholic Education, Port Pirie Diocese.