Catholic Education South Australia

Monthly Building Updates

School Development Update

August 2021

* Information Session for Parent/Students of St Mary MacKillop School

* Commence recruitment of teaching staff

* Order ICT equipment (devices, network, phone and AV needs)

* Review Curriculum equipment needs and order

* Line marking to basketball, four-square courts and car park

* Irrigation and grass installed, including landscaping as required

* Building defect inspection

* End user training (school staff)

* Final clean of 7-9 Middle School building

* Practical completion of build and handover of building from ICM Constructions Services

School Development Update

July 2021

What's happening in July...

* Commenced establishing CESA ICT Systems for additional year levels

* Developed Employment documentation for new Teacher(s)/Education Support Officer(s)/Administration

* Furniture ordered for new 7-9 Middle School

* Completed external/internal painting


School Development Update

May 2021

What’s happening in May ...

* 7-9 Parent Information sessions, 10th May, 2pm and repeated at 6pm

* Review Administration structures, finalise new appointment

* Recruitment of R-9 APRIM

* Completion of Roof Cover for Secondary Learning building

* Installation of Aluminium windows

* Installation of Wall Frames and Ceiling

School Development Update

April 2021

* Finalised the continuation and enrolment process

* Uniform review 7-9 underway

* Finalised School specific Specialist areas

* Advertised new Secondary Leadership position

* Finalised structural steel installation for Secondary Learning building

* Finalised limestone blocks for basketball court walling

School Development Update

February 2021

* School Signage to be designed and displayed during the building works phase

* Commencement of Secondary Learning Building site works

* Education Standards Board approval for the extension of year levels to include Years 8 & 9

School Development Update

January 2021

* Finalised building documentation with ICM Construction, Builder

* ICM Construction, Builder started the mobilisation of the building site for the secondary learning building

* Stallard Meek, (Architect), ICM Construction (Builder) and CESA Project Team met several times to work through the safety requirements for the building works period

School Development Update

November & December 2020

Planning approval for Building provided by Council (anticipated)

* Education Standards Board approval for the extension of year levels to include Years 8 & 9

* Tender process for builders closes

* Tender appraisal conducted on builders tender applications

* Tender awarded to selected builder

* Builder signs contract

School Development Update

October 2020

Confirmed the new Secondary Building Design

* Finalised the design of the internal spaces of the new Secondary Building; fit out, colours and products to be used

* Building Plans sent out to selected Builders to provide a Tender pricing for the building process

* School Board approved reduction in school fees from 2021 (R-7), information distributed to families via school newsletter and available on school website

* School Board approved school fees for 7-9 in 2022, information distributed to families via school newsletter