Principal's Message

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A word from our Principal

"In 2022 we opened the Sacred Heart Centre to increase our education offerings for students up to year 8 and this year we are able to expand further to year 9. In 2023, the Sacred Heart Centre will accommodate our students in years 6-9, the middle years. Within our middle school, we are able to provide a successful transition for students from primary school into secondary school. This is critical for the health and emotional wellbeing of students and contributes towards them remaining connected and successful at school for the rest of their secondary schooling.

Adolescence is a time of significant developmental change, and students in years 6-9 are ready for more independence and increased responsibility.  They need a personalised schooling approach that places them at the centre of their education. Students need to know and feel that their personal and academic development is being nurtured in ways that are relevant to them. 

This is the education that we will provide for your child in our years 6-9 middle school setting at St Mary MacKillop School.

We invite you to take advantage of our ‘open events’ or make a time to come and visit our middle school; see our students and staff in their learning environment and talk with them about what is special about their experiences here."


Ms Michelle Miller