School Development Update


School Development Update


April Recap ..

• Finalised the continuation and enrolment process

• Uniform review 7-9 underway

• Finalised School specific Specialist areas

• Advertised new Secondary Leadership position

• Finalised structural steel installation for Secondary Learning building

• Finalised limestone blocks for basketball court walling

What’s happening in May ...

• 7-9 Parent Information sessions, 10th May, 2pm and repeated at 6pm

• Review Administration structures, finalise new appointment

• Recruitment of R-9 APRIM

• Completion of Roof Cover for Secondary Learning building

• Installation of Aluminium windows

• Installation of Wall Frames and Ceiling

School Development Update


School Development Update

February 2021

January Recap

• Finalised building documentation with ICM Construction, Builder

• ICM Construction, Builder started the mobilisation of the building site for the secondary learning building

• Stallard Meek, (Architect), ICM Construction (Builder) and CESA Project Team met several times to work through the safety requirements for the building works period


What’s happening in February ...

• School Signage to be designed and displayed during the building works phase

• Commencement of Secondary Learning Building site works

• Education Standards Board approval for the extension of year levels to include Years 8 & 9

School Development Update


November 2020

October Recap ...

• Confirmed the new Secondary Building Design

• Finalised the design of the internal spaces of the new Secondary Building; fit out, colours and products to be used

• Building Plans sent out to selected Builders to provide a Tender pricing for the building process

• School Board approved reduction in school fees from 2021 (R-7), information distributed to families via school newsletter and available on school website

• School Board approved school fees for 7-9 in 2022, information distributed to families via school newsletter

What’s happening in November/December ...

• Planning approval for Building provided by Council (anticipated)

• Education Standards Board approval for the extension of year levels to include Years 8 & 9 • Tender process for builders closes

• Tender appraisal conducted on builders tender applications

• Tender awarded to selected builder

• Builder signs contract


School Development Update October 2020


Welcome ...

. Welcome to our firstSchool Development Update fot St Mary Mackillop School community!

. We will regularly provide an update to our school community on the progress of what's happening with the development of the Secondary Years 7-9 Learning Program and the new learning facilities for these year levels.

. The information we plan to share in the lead up to 2020 will include the timing of the future Information Evenings, Specialist Curriculum offerings, Building facilities, Design and progress, Secondary Uniform Design, and the Opening of the Secondary Learning building, just to name a few!

. we look forward to sharing our exciting progress over the next 1 or so months and to provide


What's happened so far...

• Community Announcement and Press Release regarding St Mary MacKillop School becoming R-9 school

• Stallard Meek Architects engaged to start the design process

• Concept Design process completed and the Detailed Design process commenced with the Architect

• Initial sharing and engagement with school community regarding building development and planning for Year 7-9 education facilitated

• School staff met regularly with Project Management team members from Catholic Education SA to complete a range of planning processes to guide the project and to manage a diverse set of tasks associated with re-introduction of Years 7-9 Secondary education

• Design Development Documentation finalised to support the building tender process beginning

• Tender Expressions of Interest Close


What's happening in October ...

• Finalisation of Building Design

• Planning approval for Building provided by Council (anticipated)

• Building Plans sent out to selected Builders to provide a Tender for the building process

• Education Standards Board approval process for the extension of year levels started



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