Currently in Australia we are in the process of major curriculum reform. The Australian Curriculum Framework is now guiding our programming, planning, assessing and reporting across all of the curriculum areas. The Australian Curriculum can be found at:

Our planning and programming focusses on the following key learning areas:

Religious Education




HASS = History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship (Year 3 – 7)

Economics and Business (Year 5 – 7)

Arts = Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Media

Health and Physical Education


We are committed to providing an engaging, relevant and meaningful curriculum to the students at our school. Our school uses an integrated approach to programming and planning. We have a major focus on Inquiry learning in our school with students directing learning and ensuring that motivation and engagement is high. Using Kath Murdoch’s Inquiry mindset and learning process, our teachers are thoroughly planned and prepared to provide relevant, meaningful and powerful learning experiences for all students.