Student Leadership Groups

We believe that all of our students are 'leaders' and that they should be given the opportunity to make a difference in our school, community and world.

Students are given the choice of which Leadership Group they join each year and are charged with the mission of "Making a Difference".

Our four Leadership Groups this year are:

ENVIRONMENT GROUP – “Remember we are but travellers here” (Mary MacKillop, 1866)
This group of students and teachers is charged with improving our environment. People in this group have a love of nature and the environment and look for (among other things) ways in which we can improve how our environment looks and how we manage and deal with ‘waste’.
Last year the environment group painted the rubbish bins so that people could see and use them more efficiently. They helped to set up the Veggie garden, create a compost bin for our fruit scraps and painted tyres and cotton wheels for people to eat at and use as play equipment in the JP area.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – “We must teach more by example than by word” (Mary MacKillop, 1867)
This group of students and teachers is charged with helping and supporting those groups and people in our community who need our support. People in this group would need to enjoy interacting with others and be confident in social situations. There would be times when they might visit certain community groups and help out when needed.
Last year the Community Outreach group visited the residents at Star of the Sea Home for the Aged, wrote them letters and created art work to go up in their rooms. They also spent time cleaning up the local environment including the Jetty area and Office Beach.

SOCIAL JUSTICE – “Never see a need without doing something about it” (Mary MacKillop, 1866)
This group of students and teachers is charged with working to ensure our school, our community and our world is a just and fair place to live. People in this group are passionate about ‘making a difference’ for others. They are involved in organising fundraisers and activities to support those less fortunate than us.
Last year the Social Justice group joined the Mini-Vinnies group and helped to raise awareness of the work of St Vincent De Paul. They also organised a number of donation days (toys, books etc) which were donated to St Vincent De Paul.

SCHOOL SPIRIT – “Let God’s spirit guide you in your choices” (Mary MacKillop, 1869)
This group of students is charged with ensuring St Mary MacKillop School is a fun and enjoyable place to be. They organise fun school events and activities and come up with ideas to make the school the best it could possibly be. People in this group are creative and hard working and good at organising and running events and activities.
Last year the School Spirit group organised a number of fun events for students to join in and have fun with. This included the lunch time fun activities including trampolining (Yr 3 – 7s) and obstacle courses (R – 2s). They also organised a Balloon fun day and the school Disco.

Our Student Leadership Groups began in 2015 and replaced the Student Representative Council (SRC) model.