Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values, created collaboratively by the school community in 2015, are a constant source of inspiration. We constantly refer to these statements and bring all that we do and all decisions we make back to what they ask of us. They are real. They are lived. They are who we want to be.

Our Mission Statement

Inspired by our Catholic faith and in partnership with families and our wider community, St Mary MacKillop School creates opportunities for encountering life in all its richness.

Our Values

Founded in the Josephite tradition, we value:

  • relationships grounded in trust and respect
  • a commitment to learning
  • collaboration and team work
  • the courage to work beyond our comfort zones
  • opportunities to celebrate success

Our Vision Statement

St Mary MacKillop School provides an innovative and contemporary educational environment that resonates with students and their families leading to a life-long, life-wide love of learning.

In partnership with our Parish we teach the Catholic tradition and provide an invitation to encounter a love of God.

We seek to nurture students to take their place in the world as happy and productive citizens.