Catholic Education South Australia

Our Yearly Theme

We are a proudly Catholic school. Our Mission, Vision and Values, displayed on the entrance wall of the MPLA, informs all parts of the culture of our faith and learning community. Nurturing the spiritual, true inner self of our students is an important part of the religious dimension of our school which is strongly grounded in the message of Jesus and the legacy of the Josephite tradition. At the start of every year, our whole school community gathers around a strengthening, inspiring spiritual focus, with its foundation derived from the Scripture. As a community we become involved in developing a deeper understanding of the presence of God in our daily activities and relationships.

This year our living and learning focus is Opening Our Hearts and Minds. It is also the theme for all the Catholic schools of the whole Diocese of Port Pirie, so we are not alone! As a community, we will be investigating what it will mean for us in our thinking, our speaking, and our doing to be able to open our hearts and our minds to God and to others. It will be challenging as we reflect upon who we are in our connections with our own self and with others.

We look forward to unpacking these themes with you as the year unfolds!