School Bus Service

Our school provides a bus service for families in surrounding towns. We offer two bus services.

Our Kadina bus has a number of pick up and drop off points in and around the town of Kadina.

Our other bus services the towns of Moonta and Pt Hughes. Once again, there are a number of stops in and around the towns that this bus completes.

Both buses complete morning and afternoon runs.

A School Bus Levy applies to students using the school buses.  The levy assists with the on-going costs incurred with running the buses. 


Subsidised Transport costs for school buses

Catholic Education South Australia continues to work with State Government to enable equitable access to school buses for children attending Catholic schools in regional South Australia.

Families who access a school-managed bus service and who reside more than 5km from their nearest regional Catholic school will receive a subsidy worth 60% of the annual cost of accessing the school bus, thanks to a grant from the government.

Our school will ensure that any family who has students attending this school who qualify for the bus subsidy will receive this discount.

Wherever possible, funding will also be allocated to address the issues that may exist for individual families in order to support their children in accessing transport to and from school.

Existing arrangements will continue for any children who currently access government school buses.

We hope that this confirmation of continued subsidy support, together with recent Catholic Education SA commitments to make Catholic schooling more affordable and accessible to all, will be well received.

For more information, please contact the school contact-us